Awakening Grant

Awakening Program Change Announcement (October 2023)

David Alexander Risk painting for WICC's Fellowship of the Least Coin

The Awakening Grant, a successful program, will now conclude as WICC moves to other initiatives that continue to support Indigenous women, and all women throughout Canada and the world.

The Awakening Grant program began in 2009 when Canadian artist David Alexander Risk donated a painting to the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada.  The Council named this painting “Awakening”, and all proceeds from the sale of limited edition prints of this beautiful piece of art went towards supporting First Nations women’s organizations in Canada.

WICC, then, was at the forefront of financially supporting programs for Indigenous women that promoted cooperation, self-sufficiency, growth of Indigenous languages and cultures; awareness of underlying causes of suffering, empowerment of women, the ability of women to develop their full potential, and culturally safe education and training for Indigenous women. Thank you to all who made it possible for us to fund over $20,000 of Awakening Grants over the years. We are now discontinuing this program as the need for funding is far greater than the sales of the Awakening prints.

Grant Applications

In the past few years, the number of applications for the Awakening grant have increased and WICC has funded many of these grant projects for Canadian Indigenous women and children through our World Day of Prayer Grant program.

To learn more about ongoing grants distributed by the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada, please go to

Awakening Prints still available for purchase

The Awakening prints continue to be available for purchase from WICC. Going forward, all proceeds will be used to fund WDP grant project applications. Click here to go to the online store.


Note on the artist:

David Alexander Risk uses oil paints, acrylics, watercolour, egg tempera, gouache, pen and ink and pencil to achieve the stunning effects he desires. His great love of nature and life is shown in his extraordinary ability to capture the life and realism of his subjects. His discerning eye for critical detail and remarkable realism make his paintings highly praised and sought after by private and corporate collectors. David Risk’s original works and limited-edition prints have also been presented and are hanging in such collections as the British Royal Family, a former Prime Minister of Canada, a former Premier of Ontario, as well as entertainer Bob Hope.