What is World Day of Prayer?

Informed Prayer and Prayerful Action

Imagine over 1.5 million Christians speaking 90 different languages in 150 countries coming together in spirit; uniting to pray for relevant issues affecting women and children. This was the 2023 reality for this tremendous movement that has been active for nearly 100 years.

World Day of Prayer 2024 Full Service Video – Coming Soon!

The World Day of Prayer is traditionally celebrated on the first Friday of March, though communities can choose other dates.  A different participating country writes the service each year, and we look forward to that prepared by the WDP Committee of Palestine for 2024.

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World Day of Prayer logoThe World Day of Prayer is a global ecumenical movement that brings Christians of many traditions together to observe a common day of prayer each year. Through preparation and participation in the worship service, we can learn how our sisters of other countries, languages and cultures understand the Biblical passages in their context. We can hear their concerns and needs and can join in solidarity with them as we pray with and for them. In this way, it is possible to enrich our Christian faith as it grows deeper and broader in an international, ecumenical expression.

The motto of the World Day of Prayer movement is Informed Prayer and Prayerful Action. Through our participation in the World Day of Prayer, we affirm that prayer and action are inseparable and that both have immeasurable influence on the world.

World Day of Prayer in Canada

The World Day of Prayer traces its roots to the 19th century when Christian women of Canada and the United States became involved in missions at home and worldwide. Since 1812, women have encouraged one another to engage in personal prayer and lead communal prayer within their mission groups. Presbyterian women in the United States then called for a national day of prayer in 1887, and Anglican women in Canada established a national day of corporate intercessions for mission in 1895.

On October 19, 1918, Presbyterian women in Canada called together representatives of five Women’s Missionary Boards – Anglican, Baptist, Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian – “to promote the spreading of Christ’s kingdom through united prayer and action.” That first inter-church meeting gave birth to the Interim Committee on the Federation of the Women’s Missionary Society Boards of Canada, which organized a national and inter-denominational day of prayer on January 9, 1920.

In 1922, the Canadian and U.S. committees agreed to use the same theme and day for the Day of Prayer as U.S. women. This annual event became the Women’s World Day of Prayer in 1927. The Canadian committee changed its name to become the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada and now includes representatives from 11 church partners. This council continues to coordinate the World Day of Prayer in Canada and to speak to issues that concern women of faith across the country.

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Upcoming Worship Themes

Year Theme Writer Country
2024 I Beg You – Bear with One Another in Love WDP Committee of Palestine
2025 I Made You Wonderful Cook Islands
2026 I Will Give You Rest: Come Nigeria
2027 United in Prayer for Justice and Peace! World Day of Prayer International Committee
2028 Leading the Way in Grace Costa Rica
2029 Compassion Brings Healing Italy
2030 ​As the Earth Rests, People Can Eat Nepal
2031 A Sign of Faith Jamaica

Past Celebrations

With nearly a century of services, an incredible amount of material has been created for World Day of Prayer. Each year, a different host country prepares the content, highlighting its culture and regional justice issues.

The most recent writing countries/commitee were Taiwan, (2023), England, Wales, & Northern Ireland (2022), Vanuatu (2021), Zimbabwe(2020), Slovenia (2019), Suriname (2018), the Philippines (2017), and Cuba (2016).

For previous years’ themed Bible studies, music, recipes, posters and more, please contact us.

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