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What is FLC?

Prayer for peace. Prayer for unity. The Fellowship of the Least Coin (FLC) is a worldwide ecumenical movement of prayer for peace and reconciliation. Christian women around the world meet and pray with each other. Through this, they are reminded to live a forgiving life with others. “Least coins” are given with each prayer, yet the movement is focused on prayer and reconciliation rather than money. For more information, read on…

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A member of WICC, as part of Fellowship of the Least Coin

How to Participate

Offer a prayer for justice, give a coin in solidarity with sisters in need. No programs or meetings are required. This act is the symbolic cornerstone of the Fellowship of the Least Coin. As a "global ecumenical prayer movement for justice, peace and reconciliation", getting involved is accessible: participants worldwide offer "least coins" in their local currency alongside prayers for justice. How specifically can we get involved in Canada?

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