Pray NOW

Pray Now #6 Video – 2023 Pray Now Interview with Artist


Pray Now #5 Video – Personal Reflections on the Pandemic: Loss & Lessons, Prayer & Praise


2022 WDP Pray NOW

A 4-part series of informed prayer together. With World Day of Prayer (WDP) 2022 plans well underway, we are calling women and men to join us in prayer for WDP Pray NOW.

WDP Pray NOW 2022 will be in a different format than last year. Instead of using Facebook Live, there will be a video or podcast link for you to join anytime at your convenience.

These videos consists of a panel conversation with information related to WDP followed by prayer. Not only will you learn more about WDP but you will also experience different styles of prayer.

We hope to inspire everyone to pray more! Join us as we transform this annual event into a prayer movement. Watch Part 1, 2 and 3 WDP Pray NOW videos here.


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