Grant Stories

Crossroads International

Crossroads International created an innovative knowledge center that teaches those who used to practice Female Genital Mutilation how to have an alternative source of financial and food security. While FGM has been outlawed in Tanzania since 1998, it was felt that 3 million women remain vulnerable due to financial gains for both the practitioners and the families of those mutilated. The knowledge center also teaches women about gender based violence and women’s rights.

Quick Facts

Country: Tanzania

Grant Program: World Day of Prayer

Year of Grant: 2018-2019

Grant Amount: $5,000

Sustainable Agriculture to end FGM. With the $5000 grant given to Crossroads International from WICC, they were able to build two fish ponds, chicken cages, two water wells, and two small meeting shelters. Thanks to our grant, the knowledge center is now able to grow their own vegetables, and begin fish and chicken farming. The direct beneficiaries for this project were 120 people (90 women and girls, and 30 men). Indirect beneficiaries included 500 family and community members.

This successful program has attracted local and international visitors hoping to replicate the project. Amongst these were 45 women councillors from Tanzania , 10 knowledge centres and 23 womens groups from Dar es Salem.