Grant Stories

Farmtown Ministries

Farmtown Canada has operated since 2007 in Aylmer, Ontario to provide hope, wellness and Christian nurturing to at-risk and/or disadvantaged girls, teens and young adult women. By means of equine therapeutics, counselling, residential and other supports, self-regulation from human sex trafficking is hoped to improve. Over the course of the past year, Farmtown Canada has re-branded as Courage for Freedom. The mission is to help girls and women heal from shame, and have futures filled with hope. One main focus is on providing services specifically for minor-aged girls who have been victims of or are at risk for entry to the human sex industry.

Quick Facts

Country: Canada

Grant Program: World Day of Prayer

Year of Grant: 2018-2019

Grant Amount: $2,000

Safe Impact

Safe Impact provided intensive one week programming blocks in a loving and nurturing Christian environment. Principles of respect, positive choice making, responding to peer pressure, developing self-confidence, personal growth, safe decision making, team building and conflict resolution were taught. The program used trafficked-trauma-informed equine support utilizing specific police and victim developed curriculum to encompass the needs of desperate victims of trauma due to sex trafficking.
The funding provided by the WICC World Day of Prayer Grant directly sponsored vulnerable girls with significant financial barriers into therapy and support programs by covering costs of bussing and transportation, curriculum, safety equipment, materials and resources, and specially trained staff.