Grant Stories

Valley Outreach/Sanctuary House

The vision of Valley Outreach in Woodstock, New Brunswick, is to encourage self-discovery of a healthier life. Sanctuary House serves women and children from Nackawic to Grand Falls, New Brunswick who need a safe and confidential shelter from unsafe physical and emotional situations. Together, these agencies help empower and educate women and children to differentiate between safe versus abusive relationships.

Quick Facts

Country: Canada

Grant Program: World Day of Prayer

Year of Grant: 2018-2019

Grant Amount: $1,400

Presentations on Abuse

To improve the message delivery system for relationship abuse prevention, WICC provided Valley Outreach and Sanctuary House with funding to purchase portable communication equipment. The PA system and projector have been taken to community events and schools to vocalize and visualize strategies. In September 2018, an NBCC student stood on the back of a float during a Take Back the Night march of 75 individuals to loudly share the message: “No means no! Yes means yes!”. The grant funded microphone substantially increased the impact.

In February 2019, a Love Shouldn’t Hurt PowerPoint was shared via the grant funded projector to 42 area students.