Links & Videos

Here are a variety of resources and videos about gender-based violence.

Where to go for help

Women’s Shelters in Canada

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

Into Account: Support for Survivors Seeking Support, Accountability, and Recovery in Christian Contexts   


Faith Based Websites about Violence Against Women

The Faith Trust Institute: Working together to end sexual and domestic violence

Abuse Response and Prevention: Resources from Mennonite Central Committee

Christian Counselling and Education Foundation – Sexual Abuse

DovesNest: Faith Communities Keeping Children and Youth Safe

GRACE: Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment

Into Account: Support for Survivors Seeking Justice, Accountability and Recover in Christian Contexts    

Survivors Awaken the Church: Speaking OUT to End Clergy Sexual Misconduct

Restored: About Violence Against Women

SAFER: A domestic violence resource from churches in Australia

The RAVE Project and Stained Glass Story of Abuse


Statistics & Fact Sheets

Women’s Shelters Canada Factsheets

Rape Crisis Centre Factsheets


Stories of Intimate Partner Abuse

Domestic Violence: One Woman’s Story
“Why didn’t you just leave?”:  Five domestic violence survivors explain

Personal stories

Domestic silence: Meet the faces of abuse

Video:  Why I stayed 8 minute video

Videos:  Women share their stories 2 minute video

Video:   Why domestic violence victims don’t leave 16 minute TED talk

Video:  Domestic violence: I choose to be her voice   10 minute TED talk


General Videos

ReMoved  a 13 minute video about the effects of domestic violence on children

Home Fire Story a 37 minute video about family violence and First Nations

The War at Home   43 minute video

Behind Closed Doors 60 minute award-winning video from Britain

Immigrant Experience – Domestic Violence   7 minute video

Broken Vows: Religious Perspectives on Domestic Violence (excellent video for purchase)


Other Resources

World Health Organization

Elder abuse   

Child abuse  

Intimate partner abuse   

Truth and Reconciliation Report Materials

How to find a good therapist

Resources for pastoral care

Congregational Brochures on Violence (different languages)

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