Feedback from WDP 2022 “I Know the Plans I Have for You”

World Day of Prayer 2022 – England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We received hundreds of messages about WDP 2022 – England, Wales and Northern Ireland – along with donations.  Below are some of these inspiring words.

I am making a personal donation and hope other ladies do as well.   We will plan an in-person for 2023. 

Many of us watched this year’s service online.  It was wonderful.

I am making this donation on behalf of my friend.
Bless the prayer and the action!
Blessings to everyone.
Congratulations for an amazing 2022 World Day of Prayer Video….meaningful, inspiring, felt connected in a special way….
Enjoyed the wonderful service.
Enjoyed worshipping with the congregations in Gander, NL.  Video was very powerful.  Thank you.
God bless you daily and richly for this ministry.
God, hear our prayers.
I enjoyed the video service. Well done! Our community was not able to organize a service this year.
I enjoyed today’s service.  Thanks to all you worked so diligently to make it a success. 

Let’s continue to pray for the people England, Wales and Northern Ireland and Ukraine & surrounding countries.

I have appreciated World Day of Prayer services for many years! Thank You.
I have just been inspired once again by the World Day of Prayer Service.  

So thankful to be able to join in this worship through the television.  

I really enjoyed and was inspired by the Youtube service.
I really felt connected with this year’s presentation.  Well done and God Bless us all.
We look forward to joining together in prayer for World Day of Prayer 2023 written by the women in Taiwan with the theme “I have heard about your faith”.


On behalf of the women who benefitted from World Day of Prayer grants, thank you!  Your support will help thousands of women and children affected by injustice.   We are grateful to the women of England, Wales and Northern Ireland for writing a meaningful service. The 55-minute WDP 2022 service video is available for all at

Thank you for making our work possible! We appreciate your prayer and financial support.  Please donate here.

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