Pray NOW Podcast – Learn about Change with Rev. Shirley DeMerchant, host

Watch for another inspiring Pray NOW video podcast coming soon!

The focus of the upcoming Pray NOW broadcast is “Change and how it has impacted us personally, spiritually and as an organization”. Storytelling helps us identify how we have been impacted by experiences. Our panel discussion will include some thought provoking and personal questions:

  1. What has God been up to in all this chaos that no one saw coming and that we certainly didn’t ask for?
  1. How does prayer help us understand what has been taking place around us and in our own lives? How have our prayers changed through this pandemic?

Our prayer is to encourage people who feel weary because of COVID and the economy and all the bad news we are bombarded with daily. Is God still sovereign or not? Let’s share what we are learning so that others are encouraged to see things differently, to pray more faithfully and to experience more joy!



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