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September 2022

 Hello World Day of Prayer Coordinators for 2023!

 The World Day of Prayer (WDP) 2023 program was written by the women of Taiwan with the theme, “I have heard about your faith” based on Ephesians 1: 15-19.

RESOURCES will be available online at wicc.org on November 1, 2022 including the planning guide, posters, music, recipes, hymn suggestions and much more.

All resources are available to you to download for free.

The World Day of Prayer service will be available when you log in as a coordinator.  To register as a coordinator, please go to http://wicc.org/create-a-coordinator-login-account/


We Are Here to Support You

 If you need assistance with the Coordinator Login, or any other aspect of World Day of Prayer, please contact your WDP Field Rep:

Field Rep Area                         Field Rep                         Email Address                   Telephone

BC, AB, SK, YT, NT, NU           Linda Ervin                         fieldrep567@wicc.org                 250-493-5333

ON*,                                          Cathy Tubb                        fieldrep45@wicc.org                     416-450-1027

*Toronto, ON                            Janet MacFadyen             communications@wicc.org         647-515-7770

MB, QC, NB, NS, NL                        TBA

Or contact the WICC office administrator, Nancy Weir, at 416-929-5184 or wicc@wicc.org

Thank you so much.  We deeply appreciate your time and talents in support of the World Day of Prayer.

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  1. Allyn Langager for Bridget Pastoor on

    Are you able to forward an online Evaluation Form of the WDP 2023 Coordinator Evaluation.?


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