World Day of Prayer (WDP) Coordinator Event – Learning about WDP 2023

Hello to all! We are excited and pleased to bring you an opportunity to connect with coordinators across Canada while we learn about World Day of Prayer 2023 in Canada.

The Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada (WICC) has created this event to bring updated WDP service information and resources to coordinators. It is also an opportunity to network.

Date:  Saturday, November 19, 2022

Time:  1 pm EST

Length:  1 hour

Mode of Delivery:  Zoom

Topics include:

1.    Meet the Field Reps

2.    WDP 2023 Information – country, theme, Bible scripture base

3.    Highlights for new Coordinators – Coordinator Login Introduction; WDP 2023 Service video; WDP Packets; Evaluations

4.    Promoting World Day of Prayer

5.    Leaders’ Planning Guide

6.    Offerings and Donations

7.    Coordinator Login (walk-through)

8.    Creative Ideas including Service Options

9.    Questions & Answers – (if possible, please send in your questions in advance to

Registration: Please go to, click on Get Involved, and then click on “see more” for Events.  Scroll to this event and register.  Or click on this link:

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