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Rev. Lynn Mitchell’s WICC Board Story

Hello to all.  I’m the Rev. Lynn Mitchell of Trenton, Ontario.  This beautiful town is located on the Bay of Quinte, at the mouth of the Trent-Severn waterway. I have several roles with the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada: Anglican Church appointed representative, chair of the Fellowship of the Least Coin (FLC) board team and… Read more »

Fellowship of the Least Coin In-Gathering Service for 2021

The International Committee for the Fellowship of the Least Coin (ICFLC) has prepared an In-Gathering Service for 2021. Organizers can modify or choose different hymns, scriptures, and ways of connecting and presenting the material (e.g., dramatization, message, testimonial, small group discussions). For a service copy, go to: 2021 FLC In-Gathering Service Program (PDF) 2021 FLC In-Gathering… Read more »

Highlights from FLC (Fellowship of the Least Coin)

Submitted by Awit Marcelino, WICC Board member and ICFLC Outgoing Chair From October 9th-19th, 2020, the International Committee for the Fellowship of the Least Coin (ICFLC) met for its first online annual meeting with representatives from 12 ecumenical organizations from around the world. Rev. Lynn Mitchell and Awit Marcelino participated in these meetings as representatives… Read more »

WICC Board Meeting Highlights

The 2020 annual WICC board meeting took place via ZOOM on Friday, June 19th and Saturday, June 20th. WICC board meetings always start with the Recognition of the Land.  For the city of Toronto, where the annual board meeting usually takes place, the land acknowledgment is as follows: The City of Toronto acknowledges that we… Read more »

Fellowship of Least Coin story by Mary Nordick

“Suffer the Little Children”  Children and FLC In Luke 18: 15-17 Jesus says “Suffer the little children to come to me”. Jesus loved children, drew them to Him, and taught His disciples about the Kingdom through them.  Sadly, many children throughout our world, the little ones beloved of Christ, suffer greatly.  They ache from the… Read more »

Stand Up for Human Dignity – FLC Prayer

Fellowship of the Least Coin – Prayers   Note: We-Connect is sharing prayers and authors from the Circle of Prayer Volume Twenty-Four prepared by the Fellowship of the Least Coin’s International Committee   Stand Up for Human Dignity by Farhana A. Nazir, Pakistan   PRAYER Amidst our weaknesses, we do not know what to pray.… Read more »

Fellowship of the Least Coin – Hungry for Peace

In my family, there are several great cooks. My dad, older brother, and younger sister love to cook and bake – trying out new recipes and creating their own. They make the best sinigang (Filipino tamarind stew), spaghetti, and Sans Rival cake. As a teenager, I happily washed dishes so that they could prepare these… Read more »

Domestic Violence: FLC Prayer Concern for December 2019

December 6th, National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women (Canada) Home should be a sanctuary; a place to rest and be restored. (Read Proverbs 17:1, 24:3-4.) Yet, for many women, home is a place of fear and abuse. In Canada and many other countries, domestic violence has consistently been reported as one… Read more »