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For our standard World Day of Prayer services, please see the page How to Participate.
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World Day of Prayer session by WICC groupWhat if you’re interested in something a little different? Can World Day of Prayer materials be used for interactive social justice events, any time of the year?

Pilot Event: Connecting Women, God & Justice

We recently hosted a successful “Connect 3” workshop in Halifax, Nova Scotia. While inspired by World Day of Prayer material, it was also discussion-focused and featured local justice issues. Participants found it challenging and engaging, and they appreciated the inter-generational dynamic.

Interested in trying something a little different? Creative Ideas for World Day of Prayer 2023

Leaders of World Day of Prayer sessionFlexible for Your Group

We often get asked: do we have to celebrate on the first Friday of March? Do we need to keep the specific service format? The answer is no.

On one hand, traditional World Day of Prayer services are a rewarding way to gather in solidarity with our global sisters. However, each community is unique, and diversity is our strength.


Here are a couple ways you could adapt World Day of Prayer to your group:

  • Discussion circles (e.g. “conversation café”)
  • Local speakers exploring your region’s justice issues
  • Worship styles
  • New timing: try a lunch, retreat or event in a different month

Connect with us for more ideas and resources.

World Day of Prayer session in a Church World Day of Prayer session in a gymnasium