World Day of Prayer Grant

Rooted in Faith, Called to Action

Each year through the World Day of Prayer service, women from the host country share their region’s concerns and hopes with Christians in 170 countries, uniting us all in prayer and solidarity. (More about WDP)

Offerings received through the World Day of Prayer transform our prayers into action in the form of project grants empowering women and children in our own country and throughout the world. All regions share in the grants, with consideration given to greatest need.

If you have an eligible project, please read the following:

If you’re curious about past recipients, check out our inspiring Grant Stories.

Grant applications for 2024 are now closed. Applicants will receive a response by July 2024.

The application process will be open for next year from November 1, 2024 until March 31, 2025.

World Map showing World Day of Prayer Grants from 2014 – 2023

Please Note: This map shows each city/country that has received a World Day of Prayer Grant from 2014 to 2022. It does not show the specific address . To view each year by layer, click the square box  on the top left of the map beside the map title and deselect or select grants by year.

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