How to Participate

Artwork for the World Day of Prayer 2019 Slovenia

“Come—Everything is Ready.” Celebrate World Day of Prayer 2019 Slovenia with us.

1. Where is your closest World Day of Prayer (WDP) service? Check out Canada’s currently registered locations.

2. No WDP event nearby? Register to host a service! We can connect you with the resources you need.

3. You can also get creative with your planning! All WDP services involve learning and solidarity with sisters from the host country. However, the event can also feature discussion and engaging with your community’s local justice issues. Additional elements could include a lunch or retreat. Read about trying a new discussion-based format.

4. Download background information, artwork and other materials to help you begin your preparations for this year’s World Day of Prayer celebration.

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To learn more about how timing works, check out the World-Day-of-Prayer-Annual-Cycle.