How to Participate

Offer a prayer for justice, give a coin in solidarity with sisters in need.

This act is the symbolic cornerstone of the Fellowship of the Least Coin – no programs or meetings are required. As a “global ecumenical prayer movement for justice, peace and reconciliation“, getting involved is accessible: participants worldwide offer “least coins” in their local currency alongside prayers for justice.

How specifically can we get involved in Canada?

Monthly Prayer Concerns

WICC provides a pamphlet of themed monthly prayer concerns. Check out this year’s collection (2019).

Ingathering and Worship Service

The Ingathering (Coin Collection) Service is written each year by the International Committee of the Fellowship of the Least Coin.

Each year, the resources will be listed here:


WICC offers a variety of FLC resources in our online store, including books, lapel pins and more.

FLC Grants

WICC coordinates the Fellowship of the Least Coin in Canada, but the grant recipients are selected by the International Committee of the Fellowship of the Least Coin. Find out more about the grant criteria here on the ICFLC site, or contact WICC to get in touch with the Canadian ICFLC representative.

Link to the ICFLC website for the Circle of Prayer booklet.

Did you know that the members of the international committee study the grant application forms, pray about them, and discuss and decide on each project without knowing how much FLC funding will be available for the grants they wish to allocate for each year? The least coins from around the world come in with prayers, quietly and gradually, to meet the needs for each year.

FLC Grant Recipient Summary 2019

For more information about funding opportunities, please see Grant Programs.