Who We Are

Empowering ordinary Christians to accomplish extraordinary justice

Who is the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada (WICC)?

At our core, we are a grassroots Christian prayer movement providing people with small grants to do great things.

WICC Leadership Team, including Catherine MacKeil, Executive Director

L-R: Kathryn Tate, Susan Murphy, Nancy Weir, Cath MacKeil

WICC is made possible by the passionate and diverse teams working towards its mission and vision. This includes WICC’s staff, elected board of directors and interdenominational council. Our approach is rooted in faith and called to action.


Catherine MacKeil – Executive Director
Email: mackeil@wicc.org

Nancy Weir – Administrator
Email: wicc@wicc.org (contact for general inquiries)

Susan Murphy – World Day of Prayer Data & Shipping Clerk
Email: shipping@wicc.org (contact for WDP orders)

Kathryn Tate – Communications Coordinator/Editor
Email: tate@wicc.org



WICC board 2017

Shirley DeMerchant – President
Diane Dwarka – President-Elect
June James – Secretary-Treasurer
Anita Gittens – Chair, Membership & Nominating Committee
Marian Nacpil – Chair, Communications Committee (not in photo)
Angela Schwarz – Program Coordinator



WICC Council, June 2017

Marjorie Bain – Baptist
Rev. Shirley DeMerchant – Canadian Baptist Ministries, WICC President
Nettie Dueck – Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches
Diane Dwarka – United Church of Canada, WICC President-Elect, Representative to the Canadian Council of Churches Human Trafficking Working Group
Mona Fox – Roman Catholic Church
Dr. Anita Gittens – Anglican Church of Canada, WICC Membership and Nominating Chair
Dr. June James – Anglican Church of Canada, WICC Secretary-Treasurer
Valerie Hobson – The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (Appointed)
Cathy Reid
 – Presbyterian Church in Canada (Appointed)
Awit Marcelino – Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) (Appointed), WICC ICFLC Representative
Rev. Steph McClellan – United Church of Canada
Major Tina Rideout – The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda (Appointed)
Marian Nacpil – Baptist, WICC Communications Chair
Connie Rose – African Methodist Episcopalian Church
Angela Schwarz – United Church of Canada (Appointed), WICC Program Coordinator
Donna Shaddick – Roman Catholic Church (Appointed)
Lauren Wilks – World Day of Prayer Liaison, Canadian Baptist Ministries
TBD – Anglican Church of Canada (Appointed)

Some members are appointed by their representing denomination (noted in parentheses); the others are elected members.
For a list of denominations represented on the current WICC council, please go to Church Partners.


Rooted in Faith

Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada (WICC) is based on ecumenism: dialogue and collaboration between different Christian denominations. We appreciate our commonalities and the unique perspective that each denomination brings to the table. Together, we represent the diverse body of Christ seeking to bring hope to those touched by injustice.

Embracing Collaboration

As women of diverse backgrounds rooted in the Christian faith, we are called to reflect the essence of this faith. Through compassion, understanding and mutual respect, we work together to grow in ecumenism, share our spiritual traditions, and challenge injustice.

God is Love. God relates to us in love through the life and work of Jesus Christ, the Holy Scriptures, the transforming work of the Spirit and the living community of the Christian Church. As women created in the image of God, we seek to model this relationship of agape love through forgiving, accepting, serving, leading and growing in wisdom.

Therefore as members of The Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada we come together in one faith to maintain a supportive, encouraging a respectful, appreciative and faithful environment where every voice is equally heard. We encourage honest, constructive interchange, valuing each person’s contribution and experience. We strive to be motivated by a love and compassion that unites and illustrates the prayer of Christ for the church:

(My prayer)…is that they all may be one…
So that they may be brought to complete unity.
Then the world will know that you sent me
And have loved them even as you have loved me.
John 17:20-23

For a list of church denominations represented on the current WICC council, please go to Our Partners.