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Cadence Leadership Development for Indigenous Women

Leadership Development for Indigenous Women, Cadence (Ontario) Cadence is bringing Indigenous and non-Indigenous women leaders into a sacred, ethical space for safe conversation and mutual understanding to start our leadership walk together.

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Quick Facts

Country: Canada

Grant Program: World Day of Prayer

Year of Grant: 2017-2018

Grant Amount: $5,000

At the inaugural event of Burning Stone’s leadership project, women leaders participated in GAGANOONIDIWAG.  This Ojibway word, when translated, means “they talk to each other, have conversation” and this is also the title of the first leadership module in the series that is being developed.  It is based on “Next Level Leadership” and has been modified to reflect an Indigenous perspective.

The first module helps people understand the current Canadian historical landscape and sets a sacred, ethical space for safe communication and starting a leadership walk together. The development of five more modules is underway:

INAADIZI – “she has certain character, a certain way of life” – This covers the area of character using the Aboriginal grandfather teachings of honesty and humility

INA’AMII – “she steps in a certain way” – This covers the area of confidence using the grandfather teaching of courage.

GASHKITOON – “she is able to do” – This covers the area of competence using the grandfather teachings of wisdom and truth

MAAMAWI – “together” – This covers the area of connection using the grandfather teachings of respect and love

NIIGAANISHIMO – “she dances in the lead” – This is the final segment.

A Train the Trainer event is also being planned.