Grant Stories

Ratanak International

Ratanak International has been running the Ratanak Achievement Program (RAP) Community Home since 2012. This transitional home supports survivors of human trafficking.

Quick Facts

Country: Cambodia

Grant Program: World Day of Prayer

Year of Grant: 2017-2018

Grant Amount: $4,000

The girls and young women in the Ratanak Achievement Program (RAP) are survivors of human trafficking for sex and labour. The program helps them recover from the trauma they experienced. They receive shelter, life skills training, group and individual therapy and counselling. They also get vocational training and education in a program of their choosing for job readiness and economic empowerment.

As their independence and confidence grow, they are able to reintegrate themselves with the wider community. The project continues to support them until they are managing successfully in all dimensions of their lives and no longer need assistance.

In 2016, Ratanak was honoured with “The Royal Order of Sahametrei” from the Cambodian government “in recognition of Ratanak’s work combatting human trafficking.” This medal is usually presented to ambassadors or representatives of friendly nations for their work in the interest of the Kingdom of Cambodia.