Ideas for Creative World Day of Prayer Events

World Day of Prayer (WDP) is more than just a day; it is a movement that invites people around the world to join in prayer and action for peace and justice.

Organizers are welcome to use a creative event to celebrate WDP.  Let the 2023 theme “I Have Heard About Your Faith” inspire you.

Be sure to include prayer for the women of Taiwan, invitations to others to join, use of the WDP service, and an opportunity to donate.

Ideas for Creative WDP Events

Here are some ideas that may be possible in your area.

WDP Paint Session Via Zoomsee the example below.

Food: Invite people to watch the WDP service online and provide Taiwanese food.

Location: Your event can take place outside a traditional church setting and on any day. Just remember to invite others as permitted, pray for the host countries and give people an opportunity to donate.

Exercise: Create a walking group that finishes their exercise time with a modified WDP service.

Road Trip:  Take a one-day excursion to a point of interest.

Performance:  Invite musicians, dancers, and other local talents to an evening of the performance.  Intersperse with WDP service features.

Meetings: Include WDP as part of another regular meeting.

Leaving a plate out for WDP donations at events provides a place for participants to contribute to the WICC grant programs that restore hope to women and children touched by injustice in Canada and around the world.

Children’s Retreats, Day Camp and Vacation Bible Schools:  Consider incorporating World Day of Prayer into activities planned for children.

WDP Paint Session Via Zoom Example:

Plan the following:



Painting Title:

Length of Painting Session


Cost: a donation to WICC for WDP grants

Delivery Method:  Via Zoom

Preparation:   (promotion; Zoom link; brushes, prep on canvas, cover for clothes, paints, clean-up, water; light; support for canvas.)

Paint Gallery:  Choose a method/location to display the works of art!


One comment on “Ideas for Creative World Day of Prayer Events

  1. Pat Blair on

    As last year, we are using WDP as our program for our Women of Woodcliff (WOW) March program. Of course if in-person program will not be able to serve refreshments afterwards so plan is to hand out bags with sweet from each country in it to take home. Our WOW chair is from Wales and belongs to the Welsh Society in Calgary! I like the idea of leaving a plate out for donations as well as envelopes if donors would like a tax receipt but will encourage online donations.


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