Learn about the Service Resources and how to Order or Download these Items

Ordering and Downloading World Day of Prayer 2023 Materials

How to order or download: All coordinators or any others interested in receiving World Day of Prayer (WDP) 2023 materials are to create a Coordinator Login account at wicc.org.  Through this account, all materials can be ordered and/or downloaded for use. Click here for Coordinator Login instructions.

An email address is required for ordering all materials for the 2023 service.  If you do not have an email address, buddy with an individual who has one.

How to receive service print copies and USB: WICC has adopted a very conservative financial plan this year in light of economic uncertainty. Therefore, we are providing a standard WDP packet instead of custom printing and shipping.

WDP Packet Contents:

1.     USB memory stick packet:

A.  Printed materials:  1 copy of the WDP Service (11 X 8.5; 8 pages); Service Bulletin (booklet form; 1 page; front and back); country backgrounder; 5 offering envelopes AND

B.  Memory stick with a 55-minute prerecorded WDP service, 5-minute devotional message, Taiwan music, WDP worship service PowerPoint, PowerPoint about Taiwan, video about Taiwan.

Cost $20.

Shipping:  WDP packets will be shipped after January 3, 2023.  Please order as soon as possible so that we can be prepared.

CLICK HERE to go to the WICC store to order the above items.

WDP Service Program and country background PowerPoint can only be ordered through the Coordinator Login due to copyright.

Please note:

FREE  Resources Available via Download through the Coordinator Login:

World Day of Prayer Resource List

Art: artist write-up and art piece created specifically for WDP 2023

Bible Study: a text discussion of the Bible verses that are the basis of the 2023 service

Children’s Story/Program: provided by the Taiwanese Committee

Coordinator’s Letter: an overview of how to be involved as a service coordinator

Coordinator Log-in Instructions: step by step guide on how to create a coordinator account – needed to access WDP resources

Country Backgrounder: 2 pages of information on Taiwan

Creative Events for WDP: suggestions on how to incorporate prayer in non-traditional formats

Devotional: video and narrative versions of an inspiring 5 minute message

Donation Instructions: information on how to collect and then send donations to WICC

Hymn Suggestions: a list of familiar hymns that you may want to use in your services

Media Release: ready to share with your local sources for advertising

Leaders’ Planning Guide: a 15 page document that takes you through the steps for a service

Poster: both a fillable PDF and Word version are available for you to advertise local services

Recipes: add cultural flavours to your homes and gatherings during World Day of Prayer

Service Bulletin: four page version of full-length service; responsive words included

Service Bulletin Insert: an invitation to join WDP that can be included in home church bulletins

Service Recording: a 55 minute video of the WDP 2023 service produced by WICC

Service Program: full-length text of service; available English, French, bilingual (French & English), Korean, Chinese, German and Spanish

Service Program PowerPoint: full-length version of service converted to PowerPoint format

Zoom events: coordinator event in November; “Festival Day” in January for all interested individuals

Details about each of these items can be found by going to wicc.org, accessing your coordinator account, and then clicking on Coordinator Resources.

7 comments on “Learn about the Service Resources and how to Order or Download these Items

  1. gerri.durdle@salvationarmy.ca on

    I have registered as a co-ordinator but I need to order the bulletins for the service and posters to advertise the service. Can you supply information?

    • wicc@wicc.org on

      To find the poster, go to https://wicc.org/service-coordinators/ (you may have to register as a coordinator or sign in). Scroll down.
      The poster is in + Service Program & Planning Tools
      and is called, *WDP 2023 Fillable Poster with Artwork (Word format)
      There are some instructions right below it for downloading it.


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