Making a Wreath – World Day of Prayer 2023 (Taiwan) – For Kids

Indigenous people in Taiwan are very particular about headwear. It not only represents social status but also has special meanings in their culture.

A head wreath is made by twining flowers and leaves into a circle. The circle shows unity and a shared heritage. The meaning of a wreath varies, depending on different occasions. Sometimes it means welcoming the people who are returning home from hunting in faraway fields and appreciating their hard work. It can also show respect to the person receiving the wreath.

In making a head wreath, let us think about Taiwan, a country which appears to be so small compared to others in the world and yet it is full of all God’s mercy and justice. Just like the different ways of making head wreaths, we are all different. However, God connects us with love and makes us become a beautiful wreath to witness His presence. Let us respond to our faith and hope in God by making a unique head wreath of our own.

With a welcoming heart, the World Day of Prayer writing committee of Taiwan would like to invite everyone to learn about Taiwan and its diverse cultures given by the Lord. When we put on the wreath, we become part of Taiwan and dedicate ourselves to glorifying our Lord with one heart.

Give children time to colour, cut out and tape a head wreath to fit their head. You may need to add some paper so the wreath is long enough.

Sending and Blessing Song “Thanks and Praises to Lord Jesus Christ” Word by Anon. 20th century. Music by Recent Paiwan melody, Taiwan. Authorized use of copyright only for WDP Taiwan 2023.

Children can put the wreath on their heads. A circle can be formed with a leader encouraging everyone to dance and sing together.


Appendix 1. Making a Head Wreath

1. Prepare colored pencils, scissors, and glue/tape.

2. Take Pattern A (the flower pattern) or Pattern B (the diamond pattern) and color it according to personal preference. For most children, add more paper to make these fit.

3. After the coloring is completed, cut the pattern out.

4. Use glue or tape to connect the two ends of the pattern and form a wreath.

Instructions for this craft were produced by the Taiwan World Day of Prayer writing committee.

Go to for more ideas on children’s activities for World Day of Prayer.

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