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How to Download the World Day of Prayer Service Video

To View the World Day of Prayer Service Video The World Day of Prayer 2022 service video can be watched from by clicking on the rectangle that looks like this: To Download the World Day of Prayer Service Video – (in preparation for group watching of service via Zoom or Facebook Live)  Note: Please… Read more »

Victoria Sponge Cake – Submitted by Nancy Weir, WICC Admin

Anna Maria Stanhope, a lady in waiting for Queen Victoria, was often very hungry in the afternoon, hours before the palace’s 9 pm dinner time. She often asked for a small meal of bread and butter, and little cakes and cookies to be brought to her bedroom. It caught on with Anna Maria’s friends, and… Read more »

Prez Corner

Prez Corner with Rev. Steph McClellan We-Connect March 2022 “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord!” I sure hope that your plans include World Day of Prayer this year! The resources are ready, the day is approaching fast, and we are excited for World Day of Prayer 2022 to begin!… Read more »

Important Info for Service Leaders

Dear 2022 World Day of Prayer (WDP) Coordinators: Thank you for taking on a leadership role for WDP.  Your commitment is deeply appreciated. 1. Are you sharing the 55-minute WDP 2022 service video with a group? If yes, here are some downloading instructions to help prevent “same day stress” of spotty/slow internet interference. Open and… Read more »

World Day of Prayer 2022 Service Video

The video link above is available for you to view anytime.  If you would like to watch it with others, you are welcome to join a NATIONAL WDP 2022 service on Saturday, March 12th at 1 pm EST. Click here to register and join us on Zoom.  Each year, since 1927, a different host country… Read more »

Prayer Ideas for Children – World Day of Prayer 2022

One or more of these ideas can be used to share children’s prayers: PRAISE: Use a sheet or length of fabric as a `parachute’. All the children hold an edge of the fabric and raise it together saying:  We lift our thanks to you! We thank you for…..and go round each child as they say… Read more »

Kids Pray Too! WDP 2022 Video

We are excited to announce that WICC board members have been busy producing WDP 2022 Kids Pray Too! This 30-minute recording will be released on during the first week of February.  When it’s ready, Facebook and Instagram will make an announcement. Every year, the World Day of Prayer writing country includes a children’s program… Read more »

Donations to World Day of Prayer 2022

Donations are gratefully received as they are vital for maintaining World Day of Prayer and delivering the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada’s grant program. In 2020/2021, 23 grants helped restore social justice to the lives of 500,000 in Canada and internationally. Anyone attending a World Day of Prayer service should have an opportunity to donate.… Read more »