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Promoting World Day of Prayer

All suggestions are superseded by COVID-19 Precautions. 1. Become familiar with WDP resources and all 2022 service options to help ensure compliance with any COVID-19 precautions in place. Examples:  watch service video at home, set up a Zoom group to share the reading parts. 2. Notify COMMUNITY CHURCHES with phone calls and/or emails to pastors, office… Read more »

World Day of Prayer Service Options for 2022

World Day of Prayer Service Options for 2022 Given that COVID-19 may restrict options for gathering, we ask you to consider a number of safe ways to celebrate World Day of Prayer 2022 – England, Wales, Northern Ireland. Watch, as an individual or in groups, a full-length service video featuring participants from across Canada. This… Read more »

Nell DeBoer’s WICC Story

I’m Nell DeBoer, and live in Toronto (North York), Ontario. After coming to Canada with my parents in 1948 from the Netherlands, I lived in Lindsay, Ontario where most of my family still resides. I met, and came to know, Cath MacKeil (WICC Executive Director) as well as Nancy Weir (WICC Administrator) during Toronto Festival… Read more »

Gingerbread Horses

Since our World Day of Prayer 2022 countries are England, Wales and Northern Ireland, I looked to Charles Dickens for inspiration for this month’s baking idea. Gingerbread horses are mentioned in his last book, Our Mutual Friend. His description doesn’t sound very appetizing (“damp” and “fearfully out of condition”), so I hope mine are better!… Read more »

World Day of Prayer Coordinators for 2022

    The World Day of Prayer (WDP) 2022 program was written by the women of England, Wales and Northern Ireland with the theme, “I Know the Plans I have for You” based on Jeremiah 29: 1-14. World Day of Prayer Coordinator is an IMPORTANT role.  We need your help planning and promoting services, and… Read more »

Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation

2020 Grant Story Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation – Family Violence Survivors & Program Supplies Project Like 23,247 women, children and seniors who were turned away from Alberta shelters in 2019 (Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters), Jessica Martel was turned away from shelters operating at capacity. With the support of her mom, Jess made a safety… Read more »

Kids Pray Too! World Day of Prayer Service A Message from Rev. Steph McClellan, WICC Board President Dear Praying Sisters, I am so excited to be able to share a project of my heart. A friend, Rev. Catherine Stuart, and I worked together to create Kids Pray Too! World Day of Prayer Service, available via YouTube. It is a service led by,… Read more »

Grant Projects in Vanuatu and Beyond

The World Day of Prayer service offering is a prayer gesture of sharing our resources with women and children around the world. There is no small offering, but a spirituality that integrates prayer and action. We all have something to offer. In 2021, the Women’s Inter-Church of Council dedicated $60,000 to 16 World Day of… Read more »

WICC is Committed to Healing in Indigenous Communities via Awakening Grants

Would you like to be part of this healing process? Together, we can help fund work that supports Indigenous women in the following areas: Addressing gender-based violence Economic justice Health Cultural education Child welfare Advocacy Anti-racism Peace Projects will promote these values Cooperation Self-sufficiency The growth of Indigenous languages and cultures Awareness of underlying causes of… Read more »

WICC Board Continues to Zoom and Flourish

Our meeting on June 18-19, 2021 was very meaningful and productive. Highlights included the worship and prayer times together. We previewed the World Day of Prayer (WDP) service for 2022 written by the women of England, Wales and Northern Ireland (EWNI) and the Fellowship of the Least Coin ingathering service for fall 2021. “For I… Read more »