Kids Pray Too! WDP 2022 Video

We are excited to announce that WICC board members have been busy producing WDP 2022 Kids Pray Too! This 30-minute recording will be released on during the first week of February.  When it’s ready, Facebook and Instagram will make an announcement. Every year, the World Day of Prayer writing country includes a children’s program… Read more »

Donations to World Day of Prayer 2022

Donations are gratefully received as they are vital for maintaining World Day of Prayer and delivering the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada’s grant program. In 2020/2021, 23 grants helped restore social justice to the lives of 500,000 in Canada and internationally. Anyone attending a World Day of Prayer service should have an opportunity to donate.… Read more »

Important Highlights for WDP Coordinators

February 1st, 2022 KIDS, CANADA, GRANTS, TV, PRAY NOW – WE HAVE A LITTLE ABOUT A LOT TO SHARE!!! Coordinators, thank you for taking on a leadership role for WDP!  Your commitment is deeply appreciated.  Please scroll through our World Day of Prayer news below.  There is something for everyone! Exciting NEWS! Our full-length WDP… Read more »

WDP 2022 has Online Options

World Day of Prayer 2022 Many options to join safely     Given that many churches and communities will be unable to gather in person for World Day of Prayer 2022, please consider these options: The 55-minute service video, produced by the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada, can be watched at home, or via Zoom… Read more »

Rooted in Faith, Called to Action – Open for Grant Applications

Offerings received through the World Day of Prayer transform our prayers into action in the form of project grants that empower women and children in our own country and throughout the world. All regions share in the grants, with consideration given to greatest need. An application for a project grant will be considered from the following: Canadian… Read more »

Support for World Day of Prayer Coordinators – 2022

The World Day of Prayer (WDP) 2022 program was written by women in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The theme for 2022 is “I Know the Plans I Have for You” based on Jeremiah 29: 1-14. World Day of Prayer Coordinator is an important role and your help planning the service and telling others in… Read more »

Tea Brack Recipe

This recipe is dedicated to my great-great-great-grandmother, Rebecca Irwin, from Northern Ireland from where this raisin-filled quick loaf, Tea Brack, originates.  Tea Brack ⅔ cup dark raisins ⅔ cup golden raisins (sultana raisins) ⅔ cup dried currants 1¼ cups strong, freshly brewed black tea Grated rind from 1 orange 3 tbsp orange juice 1 large… Read more »