Why Pray Later When You Can Pray Now?

A behind the scenes look at World Day of Prayer Canada Pray NOW Facebook Live COVID-19 took so much from us, but it also opened doors for creativity and new approaches to many of our cherished traditions including World Day of Prayer (WDP). Not only was the 2021 World Day of Prayer service recorded and… Read more »

Housing, Mental Health Issues, Victimization, and Violence in Homeless Population: A honour’s thesis review

Homelessness is a major public health issue that affects over 235,000 Canadians annually. Increased mental health morbidity, crime, victimization, and physical health morbidity are factors often associated with this demographic. Limited attention has been given to the differences in these factors with respect to forms of temporary shelters. The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness (COH) defines… Read more »

Effects of Pandemic on Global Environment

It was eerie. The silence deafening.  While out walking my dog in the morning, the stillness around me made me stop and take notice – no cars on the roads, no planes overhead, few to no pedestrians on the city streets in my neighborhood. The promise of spring, rebirth, a resurrected life was just around… Read more »

Better Conversations: The Inner Work of Social Change

Date:   April 8, 2021 via Zoom online Time:  1 pm EST Our special guest for this month’s webinar is Marlene Ogawa. Her work at Synergos focuses on bridging leadership, a management style that focuses on creating and sustaining effective working relationships among key partners and stakeholders through systems thinking and partnership building. At the… Read more »

World Day of Prayer

World Day of Prayer (WDP) has been happening in Canada for almost 100 years!  The 2021 service was written by the WDP committee of Vanuatu inspired by the Biblical theme “Build on a Strong Foundation” (Matthew 7; 24-27). Go to wicc.org to watch or share our special full-length World Day of Prayer Service video.  There is a well-marked access tab… Read more »

Gender and Equality in the Workplace

In the early 1900’s, women were classically depicted as the keepers of hearth and home.  Only 20% of women were “gainful workers” including 5% of married women. Over the last century, stigma attached to paid work for women changed.  New technologies required clerical workers – jobs that seemed to be clean and safe.  High school… Read more »

Manitoba 150 Women Trailblazers recipient – Dr. June James, WICC Alumna

On Jan. 28, 2021 the Nellie McClung Foundation introduced the 150 Manitoba Women Trailblazer Awards to salute the contributions that Manitoba women have made to social justice, arts, sports, politics, education, community activities, and promoting democracy while developing this great province. The awards honour Nellie McClung’s trailblazing spirit by recognizing these incredible women leaders, so many of… Read more »

Honour 150 in Manitoba – Diane Dwarka, WICC Past President

Honour 150, presented by Canada Life, recognized 150 people from across  Manitoba who stood out for their role in making Manitoba such an amazing province. Nominated by people in their own communities in 2020, Diane Dwarka – Past President WICC Board, was one of 150 individuals selected for the province’s 150th-anniversary honour.  Congratulations Diane! Please read… Read more »

Webinar Series Better Conversations #5: Women Supporting Women

Webinar Series Better Conversations #5: Women Supporting Women Our special guest for this month’s webinar is Caroline Miller. Caroline Miller is a speaker, educator, and author of six best-selling books. Caroline’s work has been featured in hundreds of magazines, newspapers and other media around the world including BBC World News, The New York Times, The… Read more »