Preparing for WDP 2021 Small Group Services with Reading Roles

 Note:  Precautions regarding COVID-19 supersede directions/suggestions to the contrary in this planning document. Become Informed: Read through the Worship Service booklet, country backgrounder, WDP grant summaries, and watch the Vanuatu country video. One committee member should be receiving monthly copies of the WICC e-newsletter: We-Connect.  The latter will help with any updates.  Order/download/review WDP materials… Read more »

Promoting World Day of Prayer

All suggestions are superseded by COVID-19 Precautions. 1. Become familiar with WDP resources and all 2021 service options to help ensure compliance with any COVID-19 precautions in place. Examples:  watch service video at home, set up a Zoom group to share the reading parts. 2. Notify COMMUNITY CHURCHES with phone calls and/or emails to pastors, office… Read more »

Ideas for Creative World Day of Prayer Events

World Day of Prayer is more than just a day; it is a movement that invites people around the world to join in prayer and action for peace and justice. Organizers are welcome to use a creative event to celebrate WDP.  Let the 2021 theme “Build on a Strong Foundation” inspire you. Be sure to… Read more »

World Day of Prayer Service Options for 2021

World Day of Prayer Service Options for 2021 Given that COVID-19 may restrict options for gathering, we ask you to consider a number of safe ways to celebrate World Day of Prayer 2021 – Vanuatu. Watch, as an individual or in groups, a full-length service video featuring participants from across Canada. This one hour recording… Read more »

Learn about the Service Resources and how to Order or Download these Items

Ordering and Downloading WDP 2021 Materials How to order or download: All coordinators or any others interested in receiving WDP 2021 materials are to create a Coordinator Login account at  Through this account, all materials can be ordered and/or downloaded for use. Click here for Coordinator Login instructions. An email address is required for… Read more »

Create a Coordinator Login Account

WDP Service Coordinator Login Instructions 1.Go to web address: 2. Click the LOGIN/REGISTER button on the top right corner. Click Here to download these instructions in a word format to your computer.

Thanksgiving Matching Donor Fundraising Campaign

WICC continually becomes aware of both Canadian and International projects which restore hope to women touched by injustice. In the spring of 2020, through WDP offerings, we funded $100,000 to related grant applicants. We would like to fund more, and so with much gratitude and great excitement, we announced a donor willing to match donations… Read more »

Racism: Black Lives Matter

John 7:24 says: “Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly”. In the last sermon Martin Luther King Jr. preached before he was assassinated, he said “remain awake through a great revolution”.  We are seeing a great revolution today. Are we awake? Are we seeing that the killing of George Floyd started a worldwide… Read more »

ZOOM Events Hosted by WICC – Fall 2020

1. WDP Coordinators networking event on Zoom – Friday, November 13th at 3 pm EST A one hour gathering for WDP coordinators to receive service updates; learn how to access WDP materials, discuss various service delivery platforms, understand key people to contact for information and support PLUS have an opportunity to ask questions.  Coordinators are encouraged to… Read more »