World Day of Prayer Grants – 2020/2021

2020 World Day of Prayer Grant Recipients plus Awakening and Emergency grants = $100,000   Location   Organization Project  Amount Kenya CAP (Canadian African Partnership) Network ON / Kijiji Cha Upendo Children’s Project Emergency COVID-19 Support for Orphan Caregivers in Kibera $5000. Malawi Change Her World, Stratford ON Pig Cooperative $3000. Zimbabwe Shamiso foundation, Lancaster… Read more »

World Day of Prayer Grants – Canada – 2019/2020

The Sonshine Society of Christian Community Service in Calgary, AB created an Experimental Therapeutic Group Program for 28 women with a $4,550 WDP  grant. Seventy-five percent reported reduced anxiety and depression, and increased confidence and self-regulating. A $1,000 WDP grant was given to the Inner Pastoral Ministry in Edmonton, AB.  This interdenominational Christian ministry works… Read more »


Donations are gratefully received as they are vital for maintaining World Day of Prayer and delivering the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada’s grant program. Anyone attending a World Day of Prayer service should have an opportunity to donate. **** ONLINE DONATIONS: We are encouraging online donations. This practice will assist with compliance of COVID-19 precautions… Read more »

Leaders’ Planning Guide for Traditional WDP Services

Click here to download this article in a pdf format to your computer. Leaders’ Planning Guide for Traditional WDP Services World Day of Prayer (WDP) 2021                    Vanuatu                    “Build on a Strong Foundation” Thank you for coordinating World Day of Prayer 2021 in your community!  The planning steps have been consolidated for ease, and to reduce… Read more »

Preparing for WDP 2021 Small Group Services with Reading Roles

 Note:  Precautions regarding COVID-19 supersede directions/suggestions to the contrary in this planning document. Become Informed: Read through the Worship Service booklet, country backgrounder, WDP grant summaries, and watch the Vanuatu country video. One committee member should be receiving monthly copies of the WICC e-newsletter: We-Connect.  The latter will help with any updates.  Order/download/review WDP materials… Read more »

Promoting World Day of Prayer

All suggestions are superseded by COVID-19 Precautions. 1. Become familiar with WDP resources and all 2021 service options to help ensure compliance with any COVID-19 precautions in place. Examples:  watch service video at home, set up a Zoom group to share the reading parts. 2. Notify COMMUNITY CHURCHES with phone calls and/or emails to pastors, office… Read more »

Ideas for Creative World Day of Prayer Events

World Day of Prayer is more than just a day; it is a movement that invites people around the world to join in prayer and action for peace and justice. Organizers are welcome to use a creative event to celebrate WDP.  Let the 2021 theme “Build on a Strong Foundation” inspire you. Be sure to… Read more »

World Day of Prayer Service Options for 2021

World Day of Prayer Service Options for 2021 Given that COVID-19 may restrict options for gathering, we ask you to consider a number of safe ways to celebrate World Day of Prayer 2021 – Vanuatu. Watch, as an individual or in groups, a full-length service video featuring participants from across Canada. This one hour recording… Read more »

Learn about the Service Resources and how to Order or Download these Items

Ordering and Downloading WDP 2021 Materials How to order or download: All coordinators or any others interested in receiving WDP 2021 materials are to create a Coordinator Login account at  Through this account, all materials can be ordered and/or downloaded for use. Click here for Coordinator Login instructions. An email address is required for… Read more »